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Funny movies

ultimate funny movies we’ve seen..

Hangover…can’t wait for the sequel!

Meet the Little Fockers

Hot tub time machine

Couples Retreat

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You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try…..Beverly Sills..

We live by this…Live, love, breathe, eat, sleep music!..

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Ya no aguanto mas

Ya No Aguanto Mas! this song we wrote on the melody of the Stereo Love dance track…We both agreed that this is a song that means alot…for those ladies who give their 100% in their relationships and don’t get the same back! this one is for you!. MI…stand up…enough is enough ladies…

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Recording an album has got to be the most challenging project we have done…It’s like your baby! you want it to be perfect!…no ones perfect we know, but hey MI is to deliver quality Latin music..our vision is and goes two ways…(ofcourse!) we’re twins…gotta love us….wink